Proper Food Storage

Anything with a scent needs to be stored away from your tent to prevent bears from becoming interested in the place you are sleeping. 

Place all scented items at least 100′ away from your tent. Either properly hung or in a bear-resistant canister. 

This includes: toothpaste, deodorant, food, and any food wrappers.

counter assault bear keg
How to set up your campsite in bear country

Bear Canisters

Required in many places because they are (mostly) fool-proof. If you are backpacking in Grand Teton National Park, these are provided to you when you acquire a backcountry permit.

Easy to use and no hanging required but are heavier to carry. Don’t store near a hillside or a body of water. Bears sometimes try to roll them away


Hanging kits are often lighter weight and less bulky if the place you are going allows this. Some established backcountry campgrounds even have posts installed for hanging. Hanging takes more skill and experience.



Car Camping in bear country

  • Cook away from where you will be sleeping
  • Do not leave food unattended 
  • Make sure to clean up greasy stoves and food scraps
  • Never leave coolers in an open pickup truck bed
  • Follow campground procedure for proper food storage

Food Storage

Food storage inside locked vehicles is acceptable in most areas. Bears in this area have generally not become poorly habituated to people’s vehicles.

Never leave food in your vehicle unattended. Most campgrounds will have a dedicated bear-safe box. Black bears in California are known for breaking into vehicles if they suspect there is food inside.

Rent a bear-resistant food canister

  • made from an extremely durable plastic
  • selection of sizes allow you to safely store up to 8 days of food
  • rental can include a carry pack for the bear keg, which makes strapping onto the outside of a pack easy!
  • currently only available at our Jackson location
Bear Canister at the Cirque of the Towers